The capsule wardrobe: I feel like everywhere you look these days, people are talking about it. I’ll admit I came pretty late to this party, and only just started my own at the beginning of this year. However, even just after a few months of following the rules (more like guidelines in my case – I simply could not get my wardrobe down to 37 items), I can definitely see the reason behind all the hype. Personally I think it’s a great way to be mindful about your style, save money, and be more satisfied overall with what’s in your closet. I did my latest refresh at the end of March, so here are some of the new additions that have made it in to my capsule wardrobe for Spring!

First, can we just talk about these wedge sneakers. Okay, I admit it – I totally stole Olivia Palermo‘s style here. But, I really do love these and had them on my wish list for some time. When they went on sale at Shopbop, I couldn’t resist and had to pick them up! (Sol Sana Tabbie Wedges, $215 at Shopbop.)

Mom jeans are a trend that I’ve wanted to try for a while now, so I decided to finally pick up this pair ($29 at Forever21). I can’t say that my boyfriend is too big on this style, but I think they’re cute and love how comfy they are. And, bonus, what could be cooler than twinning with your mom?

The other main clothing item I purchased is this tan maxi dress (Talula Doheney Dress, $70 at Aritzia). I absolutely love everything about this dress – the colour, the drapey fabric, the short sleeves and side slits. I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one over Spring and Summer!

I’m not huge on accessorizing, but I realized that was because I didn’t have a lot of accessories I wanted to wear. I finally decided to invest in some new items that I can wear daily, like these dainty gold necklaces (Valillan Necklaces, $35 at Aldo.) These are from Aldo’s new gold plated collection, which I have to say I am pretty impressed with. You can tell that they are really trying to step up their game with accessories, and while the price point is quite a bit higher than what you’d expect from Aldo, the quality of this collection definitely makes it worth the price. This one came with two individual necklaces that are adjustable in four different places, which makes them perfect for wearing on their own or layering.

I also really wanted a pair of mirrored sunglasses and was pleasantly surprised when I found these while browsing for jewelry (Bonadomane Sunglasses, $16 at Aldo). I was lucky enough to get the last pair in the store (I swear there was a girl following me around the store to see if I would put them down so she could take them!)

Finally, there are still a few items on my wish list that I feel I need to complete my closet for the season. First is a white collared shirt; I had one of these and tossed it because it got pretty worn over the years, but it’s such a classic that I like to have in my wardrobe at all times (Babaton Matthew Blouse, $95 at Aritzia). I’d also like a Spring-coloured bag, and love this tan bucket bag ($50 at Zara). Basically all of the handbags in my regular rotation are black, so I definitely need to add in a lighter neutral one for the season. Last is a denim jacket, and like the collared shirt, this one is another item I need to repurchase (Levi Strauss & Co. Boyfriend Jacket, $108 at Aritzia). I had an old Hollister one from my high school days that actually made it pretty far into my adult years, but when I washed it with some red towels and the frayed patches came out all pink, I figured it was time to finally retire it. If I end up picking up these items or any others I’ll be sure to post an update, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading, and until next time!


P.S. If you’re looking for more information on how to start your own capsule wardrobe, check out where it all started over at Un-Fancy.

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