Healthy Homemade Piña Colada Recipe

Because who doesn’t want a vacation in a glass? This recipe only requires a few ingredients, has much less sugar than pre-made mixes from the store, and tastes like a dream. I like to use Havana Club white rum, but any other type of white or gold rum will work just as well. You can also freeze your own fresh pineapple chunks; I just bought a frozen bag and it turned out great. Ingredients: 1 banana 1.5 cups frozen pineapple chunks 1 can organic coconut milk Havana Club white rum (3-4 oz) Fresh pineapple or coconut flakes to garnish (optional) Palm tree to sit under while drinking (also optional) Instructions: Throw the banana, frozen pineapple chunks, and coconut milk in a blender, and puree until smooth. Pour into your fanciest glass, sprinkle with coconut flakes, pop a pineapple slice on the rim, and enjoy! […]

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