3 Workout Channels Guaranteed to Make You Feel the Burn

It’s amazing what we have for free at our fingertips with technology these days. From video and music streaming to chatting with friends halfway around the world, sometimes I can’t even believe all the things¬†we’re able to do. One of my favourite and arguably one of the most life-changing freebies is the absolute plethora¬†of fitness and workout guides all over the internet. With the amount and quality of what’s out there right now, there really is no need to pay for a pricey gym membership, classes, or personal training. Today I have three fantastic fitness channels to share with you that prove you can get in shape at home with only one investment: your time. #1: Body Rock The first is Body Rock, which calls itself ‘The Home Workout Movement’, and I can see why. The ladies running this show […]

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