As a minimalist stylist and wardrobe consultant based in Vancouver BC, I help my clients get more out of their closets with less.

I know first-hand the difficulty of decluttering a closet, not to mention keeping that way. But I also know how rewarding it is to let go of things you no longer want or need, and send them to a better home.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits you can expect from simplifying your wardrobe:

  • Saving money (and even making money by re-selling your old stuff!)
  • Reducing your environmental footprint by consuming less
  • Finding it easier to get dressed in the morning
  • Always feeling great in what you’re wearing (because you only own what you love)
  • Decluttering around the house and other areas of your life
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Feeling happier and lighter

It all starts with what I like to call a Wardrobe Detox – which means completely clearing out your closet of anything you don’t wear, that doesn’t fit, and that you don’t love.

What to do with the items you don’t want anymore? Let me handle that! My Consignment service makes it totally worth your while to clear out your closet.

Once that’s done, you may want some help creating outfits from the items you have left, or you might even need a few more items to round out your closet. That’s where my Styling & Personal Shopping Service comes in.

Finally, I offer a range of Other Services to completely tailor the entire process to your specific needs.

Ready to get started? Book your free 30-minute consultation and we can talk about how I can help you get more out of your closet with less!

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